“You will know the truth and the truth will make you free" -John 8:32
The foundation of effective change is the willingness to open our hearts to an eager desire to learn about the world we are called to change. In the news stories below, we illustrate local and global impact of human trafficking and the undeniable need to tackle these concerns through compassionate, collaborative action.

Jan 22

Sex Trafficking Survivor Shares Her Story

Fox 12 News

She didn't want us to share her name, but she wanted to share her story.

Jan 21

Sex Trafficking Survivor: My Pimp Beat Me

Koin 6 News

In the wake of the City of Portland's vote to support a lawsuit against, a survivor of sex trafficking in Portland spoke with KOIN 6 News about her abuse. 

Jan 21

House Judiciary Committee Approves Bills to Combat Human Trafficking

WSLS 10 News

The House Judiciary Committee Wednesday unanimously approved four bills to combat the growing problem of human trafficking in the United States. 

Jan 20

Portland to Join Fight Against Illegal Sex Trafficking,

OPB News

The city of Portland is expected to join the city of San Francisco in supporting a federal lawsuit against online advertiser, which officials say promotes sex trafficking and makes it difficult for law enforcement to track down pimps on the site. 

Jan 20

Ashley Benson Murder Suspect Maintains Innocence

Koin 6 News

The man accused of killing a 24-year-old woman maintained his innocence Tuesday when he entered a plea of not guilty to a grand jury indictment accusing him of murder and first-degree manslaughter. 

Jan 20

Portland Leaders Support Lawsuit Against

KGW News

A website police and lawmakers say is a big part of human trafficking cases is now facing a federal lawsuit.

Now, the city of Portland is about to join the fight against City commissioners say they expect a unanimous vote to file a legal brief of support in their council meeting January 21st. 

Jan 20

Mid-Valley Group Focuses on Helping Women

Albany Democrat-Herald

Jennifer Unangst of Albany was attending a school of ministry when she heard a speech on the human trafficking problem in Oregon. She wanted to do something to help women escape that horror, and it spurred her to open a long-term care facility. 

Jan 19

Lawsuit Against Portland, San Francisco to File Briefs in Support of Federal Suit Against Online Advertiser

The city of Portland is poised to file a friend of the court brief in support of a federal lawsuit pending against, the online advertiser that officials contend promotes sex trafficking and thwarts law enforcement efforts to identify pimps. 

Jan 15

Phone Records Helped Portland Detectives Tie Washington Man to Killing at DoubleTree Hotel

When Tae Bum Yoon got off the train at Portland's Union Station and homicide detectives slapped handcuffs around his wrists last week, his only question was: "How did you find me?" 

Jan 15

Sex Trafficking Murder Suspect: 'How Did You Find Me?'

Koin 6 News

When police went to search an accused murderer's apartment in Bellevue, Wash., they looked for photographs of the woman they say he killed, diaries, notes, logs, and receipts that could put the alleged killer inside the DoubleTree Hotel. 

Jan 09

Police Arrest Bellevue, Wash., Man in Connection with Hotel Homicide of Ashley Benson

A Bellevue, Washington man has been accused of killing 24-year-old Ashley Benson last month at the DoubleTree Hotel in Northeast Portland, police say. 

Dec 29

Sex Trafficking in Portland: 'A Violent World'

Koin 6 News

The violent death of a 24-year-old Portland woman who was a victim of sex trafficking remains under investigation. But her death has shined a startling spotlight on the growing issue of sex trafficking. 

Dec 29

Police: Vancouver Woman Found Dead was Sex Trafficking Victim

A Vancouver woman found murdered inside her Northeast Portland hotel Friday morning was a victim of sex trafficking, according to Portland police.  

Dec 28

Slain Portland Woman 'Victim of Sex Trafficking'

Koin 6 News

Ashley Benson, the 24-year-old woman whose body was found in a stairwell at a Lloyd Center hotel was the victim of sex trafficking, officials said Sunday. 

Dec 24

Study Shows Progress on Human Trafficking

Catholic Sentinel

Portland is believed to have the highest rate of strip clubs per capita and has been dubbed "Pornland" but a new study by Shared Hope International shows Oregon's effort to crack down on human trafficking may be paying off. 

Dec 16

New York Wannabe Pimp Learns the Hard Way that Portland Cops Work Undercover

When a 24-year-old New York man stepped off a plane at Portland International Airport in late September, someone was waiting for him -- but it wasn't the "hot" blonde he had expected.

It was a team of Portland police officers who had exchanged more than 1,000 text messages with the man, Clive Taguoa Morrison. 

Dec 02

'Nice guy' pimp of teenage girls in Portland deserves 10 years in prison, U.S. prosecutors say

Two teenage prostitutes who worked for Bryan C. Nabors described him as a "nice guy," and federal prosecutors say he was – unlike so many pimps – not violent with them.


Nov 19

Oregon man sentenced in teen prostitution case

The Columbian

An Oregon City, Ore., man was sentenced Wednesday to two years in federal prison for having sex with a 14-year-old girl from Vancouver.

Nov 11

The Game: Gangs Take Control of Prostitution in Oregon

You've heard about the shootings, the murders and the communities affected by gang violence in the Portland metro area, but what's funding it?

How are gangs making their money?

If you guessed drugs, you're wrong.


Oct 30

How to Spot a Trafficking Victim at an Airport

By Belinda Luscombe -

Sex trafficking is a big business in the U.S. How come more people don't notice it? 

Oct 21

Christian college to offer free education to victims of sex trafficking


A California Christian college is giving victims of sex trafficking the chance to get a free college education.  

Oct 05

L.A. Area: 91 Arrested for Sex Trafficking; 22 Underage Girls Rescued

By Mark Ellis -

A sex-trafficking task force in Long Beach rescued 22 girls aged 12-17 and arrested 91 people on a variety of sex charges after an eight-month investigation, according to a story in the Long Beach Press Telegram. 

Oct 03

Lansing underage sex trafficking ring reached Arizona

By Kevin Grasha -

A 17-year-old Lansing girl is one of three people officials say recruited local teens to work as prostitutes in a sex trafficking ring that stretched to Arizona. 

Sep 10

Oregon strip club manager, pimp drugged 13-year-old, forced her into prostitution: cops

By Meg Wagner -

An Oregon strip club manager and a pimp teamed up to turn a 13-year-old girl into a prostitute, police say.  

Sep 10

Police: Vancouver man drove to Corvallis to meet girl in sting operation

By Paul Craig -

CORVALLIS, OR - A Vancouver man is accused of driving to Corvallis to meet who he thought was an underage girl he chatted with online.  It was actually a Corvallis Police Department detective.  

Sep 08

Indiana couple charged with holding woman captive

An Indiana couple accused of holding a woman captive for two months, often locking her in a small wooden cage, was charged Monday with rape, criminal confinement, kidnapping and other felonies in a case one officer likened to "modernized slavery." 

Aug 28

Gresham man, dad and girlfriend arrested in child porn case

By FOX 12 Staff -

Gresham, OR - An invesgtigation targeting one potential child pornography suspect led to the arrest of three people now facing criminal charges.  

Aug 25

3 accused of running Irvine brothel; charges include human trafficking

By Lauren Raab -

Three people accused of running a high-end brothel in Irvine are being arraigned Monday, the Orange County distrist attorney's office announced.  

Aug 21

Text messages between suspected Portland pimp and prostitute are inadmissible hearsay, appeals court says

By Aimee Green - The Oregonian

The Oregon Court of Appeals has thrown out the conviction of a man found guilty of trying to work as a pimp--ruling that text messages used as evidence to convict him were inadmissible hearsay. 

Aug 11

Stockton runaway found at Oregon hotel

The Associated Press -

BEAVERTON, Ore. - Police detectives in Beaverton, Oregon, found a 17-year-old runaway from California while investigating a sex-trafficking operation. 

Aug 05

132 arrested in Tampa Bay area child predator sting operation

By Rya Raiche -

POLK COUNTY, Fla. - A statewide crackdown led to the arrests of more than 130 men preying on children, according to Tampa Bay area authorities. 

Aug 05

Cops Arrest 500 Johns in Sex Trade Crackdown

By Charlotte Alter -

Law enforcement agencies across the country collaborated in a recent series of sex stings that netted the arrests of almost 500 men seeking to buy sex and 14 pimps and traffickers, officials will announce Wednesday.  

Aug 03

Strippers, prostitutes, porn workers look to Cupcake Girls for support, sweets

By Kelly House -

A young woman leaned back in her chair as a hairstylist curled her long red locks, settling in to savor a rare moment of pampering.  

Aug 01

Salem man faces sex-trafficking charges in federal court

By Helen Jung -

A Salem man who allegedly used physical abuse, rape and psychological tactics to force two women into prostitution is to be arraigned Friday afternoon in Oregon on federal charges of sex trafficking.  

Jul 31

Police post fake ads, nab 6 men in 6 hours on prostitution charges

By News Staff -

EUGENE, Ore. - Police arrested 6 men in 6 hours on prostitution charges Thursday after officers posted fictitious ads posing as women online.