“You will know the truth and the truth will make you free" -John 8:32
The foundation of effective change is the willingness to open our hearts to an eager desire to learn about the world we are called to change. In the news stories below, we illustrate local and global impact of human trafficking and the undeniable need to tackle these concerns through compassionate, collaborative action.

Jun 27

Chatting with online predators

By Abbie Alford - Fox 23 News

A Tulsa man who is still in jail could serve as a reminder for parents to keep an especially close eye on their kids.  

Jun 26

FBI: Nationwide child prostitution sweep leads to 104 arrests, 79 children rescued

By Carol Cratty - CNN

During a three-day law enforcement sweep targeting the problem of teenage prostitution, officers rescued 79 children and arrested 104 alleged pimps, the FBI announced Monday. 

Jun 22

Horror story warns about human trafficking

By Rebecca Olson - Whidbey News Times

For a bright 17-year-old in Portland, Ore., with a loving family and an abundance of friends, becoming a victim of human trafficking seems a world away.  But it happened to Shelby Eichner, who, at age 20, is a survivor of human trafficking and travels to share her story in hopes that it won't happen to other youth.  

Jun 21

Cops launch drop-in shelter to help prostitutes in SeaTac

By Sara Jean Green - The Seattle Times

Frustrated - and heartbroken - by the violent, abusive cycle of the sex trade, King County sheriff's officers go "above and beyond the call of duy" to help its victims. 

Jun 19

Trafficking in Persons Report 2012

Secretary Clinton - U.S. Department of State

"This a clear and honest assessment of where all of us are making progress on our commitments and where we are either standing still or even sliding backwards..." 

Jun 16

Mobilizing men to safeguard girls

By Laura McVicker - Columbian Staff Reporter

Campaign kicks off to inspire men to help stop child sex trafficking. 

Jun 14

Portland adds officers to fight gangs, also focuses on outreach

Patrick Preston KATU News and Staff

With school out Portland police are worried about kids turning to gangs and violence this summer so they're adding more than a dozen officers to the Gang Enforcement Team and gun task force.

Jun 12

Human-trafficking hotline calls show ‘groundswell of interest’

By Chuck Neubauer-The Washington Times

Human trafficking has been described by the Justice Department as "a big moneymaker for criminals and a scourge to society" and a group that seeks to  help those caught in its grips says the number of callers to its national hotline identifying themselves as victims is increasing - and that's good.  

Mar 08

Portland Officer John Maul helps woman escape abusive pimp on 82nd Avenue

Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian

Portland police Officer John Maul often sits in his patrol car off 82nd Avenue and keeps an eye out for women walking the avenue as prostitutes, or men trying to pick them up.

Feb 02

52 men in Multnomah County undergo 'john school' to learn the ugly truth about buying sex

Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian

Patterned after a successful program in San Francisco, Multnomah County requires men convicted of buying sex to attend a 'john school'. Former prostitutes and sex trade workers instruct the 52 attendees how their actions contribute to Oregon's growing problem.

Jan 25

How Pimps Use the Web to Sell Girls

Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times

In November, a terrified 13-year-old girl pounded on an apartment door in Brooklyn. When a surprised woman answered, the girl pleaded for a phone. She called her mother, and then dialed 911.