Operation 61

About The Organization

Our mission is that we REACH those who are vulnerable, RESCUE those held in bondage, and RESTORE them back to a place where they can experience freedom and dignity.


In 2012 we launched our largest education and awareness effort to date. We created interactive educational materials for parents, teachers, mentors and coaches based on the economy behind the multi-billion-dollar a year sex trafficking industry.  

We conducted extensive research and compiled resources to help educate, inform and instruct adults on how to talk with children about the dangers that exist. Those resources specifically focused on how to detect early warning signs of a child being targeted by the sex trafficking industry and basic house rules that every parent can implement in order to protect their children from being easily lured “recruiters”..

What’s Next...?

This year, we seek to conduct additional research and simultaneously deploy a wide reaching awareness campaign that highlights the risk and vulnerability of our children through unmonitored cell phone and internet activity. This awareness and the accompanying data will allow us to be more strategic in fighting this battle at the root, ending demand. 


Since our inception we have sought to increase collaboration amongst the various agencies that are currently battling human trafficking.

What’s Next...?

In 2013, through existing and new partnerships, Operation61 is working to establish the first ever Utah Coalition Against Human Trafficking. This coalition will bring together partner corporations, non-governmental organizations, law enforcement agencies and church groups in a collaborative effort to combat this criminal activity.


Through our awareness and fundraising efforts, we have been able to financially support a 17-bedroom, domestic safe-house in San Diego, California, as well as an international partner in Sonagachi, India and their construction project, “Hope House”.

What’s Next...?

We feel that it is extremely important to assist organizations that help victims reintroduce themselves back into society in healthy and meaningful ways. Through ongoing partnerships with victim services providers and increased support of safe-houses and recovery programs from organizations like the Salvation Army, we believe that victims can not only be rescued but they can also become contributing members of our communities.


How You Can Help


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