Youth Guidance Association

About The Organization

Youth Guidance Association (YGA) is licensed by the State of Oregon as a Residential Treatment Program and is a member of the Oregon Alliance of Children's Programs. Their first program, Son Village, was established as a boys’ residential treatment program in the late 1960's as a division of Youth for Christ. In 1972, at the request of Children's Services Division, YGA started a program for girls, Turning Point. Later on they began to run a long term treatment program, Charis Ridge, for boys referred by the Oregon Youth Authority. Two programs for boys currently exist, Son Village and Charis Ridge.

Each of the three programs administered by YGA provides 24-hour care, supervision, and behavioral rehabilitation services for youth whose problems at home, at school, and in the community are severe and chronic enough to require placement in an environment with specific services and resources that are designed to address their identified issues. A unique element of the YGA programs is a Scholarship Endowment which was established in 2000.  This fund enables graduates of all three YGA programs to further their education by applying for a scholarship from YGA for college or vocational training.

The goal of each of these programs is to empower the youth in their care to make healthy choices in life so they do not continue to be involved in self-destructive behaviors and relationships.  This involves examining their thought patterns and exploring their values, while equipping them with the skills they will need to make responsible decisions and to take control of their own behavior.

How You Can Help

Volunteer your time and energy by mentoring, tutoring or acting as a big brother or sister. Open your home to offer overnight visits. Teach classes to youth on specific skills you have such as wood-working, sewing, self-defense or art. Help with office work or building maintenance. Make financial donations to support ongoing treatment programs or designated contributions such as Light up a Life Christmas Project, summer camp scholarships and scholarship endowments, etc.

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