In Our Backyard

About The Organization

In Our Backyard began as a book written by its founder, Nita Belles, Central Oregon’s Regional Director of Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans (OATH). The organization now operates as a 501c3 nonprofit under World Impact Network. Belles' goal is to raise awareness about human trafficking happening right here in our communities, and advocate for victims through work with law enforcement and legislation. 

Nita has worked with victims/survivors of domestic violence for many years. She specialized in various women’s issues and began studying about human trafficking/modern-day slavery in 2006. The more she studied, the more she knew she couldn’t sit on the sidelines while these atrocities were taking place all over the world, including in her own backyard.

As she networks with other national and international abolitionist organizations, she brings to the table a deep understanding of a broad scope of women’s issues, as well as a compassion for victims and a determination to link arms with other abolitionists in order to end modern-day slavery.

In 2015, In Our Backyard has been a crucial member of passing House Bill 3143, which says that any business renewing their OLCC liquor license will receive Freedom Stickers and be asked to place them in the stalls in their restrooms. Victims of trafficking can text the sticker's code, BeFree, for help without placing themselves in danger.

How You Can Help

  • Start a book club with In Your Backyard
  • Sign up to attend a Human Trafficking Training Session
  • Gather together some friends and colleagues, and distribute Freedom Stickers throughout your community! 

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