GirlStrength / WomenStrength

About The Organization

GirlStrength is a new self-defense program offered through the Portland Police bureau for girls, 10-14 years of age. GirlStrength is a free, comprehensive, self-defense course that focuses on empowering girls and demystifying fear while also teaching verbal assertiveness and physical self-defense skills. 

WomenStrength is a program of the Portland Police Bureau.  Since 1979, we have provided free self-defense classes and personal safety workshops to people around the Portland area.  We have taught self-defense skills to approximately 30,000 women and teenage girls, plus personal safety workshops to over 100,000 women and men.


How You Can Help

Are you interested in empowering women and girls? 

WomenStrength and GirlStrength are looking for confident, caring and dedicated women to volunteer their time to teach free, holistic, self-defense classes.

No experience necessary! We encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to apply.


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