Oregon Center for Christian Voices

About The Organization

The Oregon Center for Christian Values (OCCV) is an advocacy and awareness network that seeks to educate the church in biblical justice. They are a part of a growing movement of followers of Jesus Christ who are committed to walking humbly with God, loving His mercy and doing justice. They advocate for the most vulnerable residents by seeking to address systemic changes to protect the poor, sick and oppressed as well as our environment through impacting public policy.

In regards to the issue of human trafficking:

  • In 2009: OCCV helped move Senate Bill 839. This bill protects Oregon’s youth by defining and including “Victims of Human Trafficking” as a person eligible for the Address Confidentiality Program.
  • In 2010: OCCV was instrumental in working with Oregon legislators to pass HB 3623, a bill which provided the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) with stickers that included a national hotline sex trafficking phone number. The OLCC will encourage all licensed business to post the sticker conspicuously. The Polaris Project – an anti-human trafficking nonprofit – administers the free 24-hour hotline in 150 languages. OCCV has been coordinating the quarterly mailings for volunteers to stuff the hotline stickers and informational cover letters to the 11,000 alcohol licensees in Oregon.
  • 2011: OCCV was was a part of moving Governor Kitzhaber to declare January 11, Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  OCCV worked on several bills during the 2011 session that addressed human trafficking in Oregon.
        HB 2714 and SB 425- Eliminated the ignorance of age as a defense and raised fines for johns to 20k.
        SB 425- Clarifies that knowing or facilitating in the prostitution of minors constitutes compelling prostitution.
        SB 898- Allows OLCC to require proof of age for individuals working in an establishment that serves alcohol i.e. the adult entertainment industry.  
  • 2012: During the short session with the help of Jefferson Smith, we pushed through HB 4146- Expunges the records for minors arrested for prostitution.

We have been working diligently with churches, schools and civic organizations to educate and empower them to lobby for just legislation regarding human trafficking and be a voice for the voiceless.  OCCV has been convening a broad coalition of about 40+ experts to research and propose 2011 Human Trafficking legislation in Oregon. OCCV continues to train and mobilize Christians to advocate for Oregon laws that prevent, protect and potentially end sex trafficking of minors.

How You Can Help

Sign up for e-letters from the website. Sign up your church to receive legislative action alerts about human trafficking so that you know when an important bill is going for a vote. Join the Human Trafficking Advisory Committee to coordinate efforts to educate and equip churches. Invite OCCV to come to your church/small group to talk about biblical justice and/or trafficking. Make financial donations.

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    Portland, OR 97217
  • 503-222-2072
  • www.occv.org