Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking

About The Organization

Mission Statement:

FAAST is a Christian alliance working in collaboration to eradicate human trafficking and restore survivors.  

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to train God's people to serve the marginalized through developing resources and training advocates and aftercare workers. 

What We Believe:

FAAST is a Christian-based, community-oriented, non-profit alliance committed to principles that value the physical, emotional, and spiritual dignity of the whole person.

What We Do:

FAAST mobilizes organizations and communities to generate a united and active response to the injustices of slavery and human trafficking. We do this through creating tools and training.

Each partner organization’s impact is expanded as our resources and efforts are combined to form large-scale anti-trafficking projects.

How We Do It:

In times of war, famine, socioeconomic failure and political unrest, governments and nongovernmental organizations breakdown and are unable to sustain their efforts to preserve and protect human life. Therefore, our approach is to reach troubled regions of the world and areas acutely affected by human trafficking through the structure of the Church, which often not only survives but thrives through times of hardship. 


Individually, the Salvation Army World Service Office, World Hope International, World Relief and Project Rescue of Assemblies of God World Missions each became aware of the selling of innocent young children for sexual exploitation in the nations where they serve. As non-profit organizations addressing many areas of human need, they each were compelled to engage in the battle against human trafficking and minister to its survivors in their respective areas of expertise. In 2003, motivated by the staggering explosion of this issue around the world, these international faith-based organizations decided to collaborate in the epic battle against human trafficking. In 2009, Live 2 Free joined FAAST with the same desire and passion to combat this issue.  

The main activity of FAAST is developing resources and training people to do aftercare work.

How You Can Help


What you can do:


Get informed

Educate others

Serve the victims

Support the helping organizations

Report suspected slavery





Contact Info

  • 7 E. Baltimore Street
    Baltimore, Maryland 21202
  • 1.855.33.FAAST