M25 Ventures

About The Organization

M25 Ventures is a highly entrepreneurial, faith-based, non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of equipping ex-addicts and ex-felons (or anyone needing “reentry” after a life crisis, including individuals who have been trafficked, sexually or otherwise) with the resources and support they need in order to NEVER return to prison or rehab!

Based on our extensive experience in business and social service, we understand the essential starting point for a sustainable life after prison or rehab is the ability to generate a sufficient personal income to support oneself and family. Without this ability, all other forms of social support (transitional housing, “shelters,” government aid, etc.) are only temporary solutions and ultimately unsustainable.

M25 Ventures is unique in its approach to helping ex-addicts and ex-felons achieve the essential economic sustainability they need. We’ve seen from experience that the “any job will do” approach often fails to provide the kind of stability needed for long-term sustainability and personal growth. Instead, we begin with the premise that everyone, regardless of their past, has a God-given purpose and destiny for their life and the God-given talents and abilities necessary for fulfilling it. Everything we do is designed to help the ex-addict or ex-felon believe in the hope of this God-given destiny for themselves AND to give them the tools, resources, and support necessary to find it and live it.

We do all of this through an innovative combination of social enterprise, education, individual mentoring and coaching and marketplace engagement and investment. We are a non-residential training program consisting of 10 weeks of intensive classroom training followed by specialized career or entrepreneurship coaching and marketplace support.

How You Can Help

Financial support: Become a coach or teacher as a business person, life mentor or other support person.  Volunteers are also needed for office work, development of social media, planning and helping with events and fund raising. 

Contact Info

  • John Shepherd (503) 789-9464
  • www.m25ventures.com