Hands of Hope

About The Organization


Resource Team

If you or your church would like to host a resource drive in order to provide some of these items, we would greatly appreciate your help.

Currently, our resources are donated to:
➢ Rahab's Sisters Radical Hospitality Program
➢ Teens attending our Design Studio after school program
➢ Girls living in foster care and shelters who attend our Dress for Freedom events
➢ Lifeworks NW New Options for Women (who have been trafficked or in the life of prostitution)
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Mentoring / Advocating

Hands of Hope Mentors are Christian women from local churches who mentor, love, pray, advocate for and support at-risk youth, the sexually exploited and other young women.

Our role as a "mentor" or "advocate" happens in the following ways: 

1. Showing we care and simply “being there” when a mentee needs someone to listen or talk to as a friend, offering unconditional love and hope.
3. Connecting to professional services, including counseling.
4. Providing support by helping to develop basic life skills, prioritize “to-do” lists, setting goals, attending appointments or hearings, tutoring or homework help, going for a walk, lunch, or simply hanging out.
5. Praying for them.
6. Ultimately leading them to the only One True Healer and Savior -- Jesus!

These are ways the Church can shine Light in the dark world of a young girl who highly at-risk, is a victim of generational exploitation or has been sex trafficked. Being with a mentor gives survivors a sense of security, and they are deeply touched to know someone would care so much without strings attached--which builds trust and gives hope. Whether we meet them once or in a continuous relationship, we've entered their world and hopefully brightened it with the love of Christ. 

How You Can Help

Resource Team

• Pray! When God’s people pray, amazing things happen!
• Organize a Resource Drive at your church, work, neighborhood, friends, etc.
• Spread the word via social media. 
• Volunteer on the resource team – to help collect, deliver, sort inventory or stock the shelves of the closets we serve. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to get started! 

Mentoring Team

Application Process and Required Training
All mentors are required to:

1. Complete a volunteer application.
2. Complete interview process with the Mentor Coordinator or Adorned in Grace Design Studio Site Coordinator.
3. Pass a criminal background check and online safety training.
4. Read, understand and agree to the Vision and Commitment, Policies and Procedures, and safety measures.
5. Complete the required training as outlined in the Vision and Commitment.
6. Commit to represent Compassion Connect, Abolition Now, Adorned in Grace, and Hands of Hope in a Christ-like manner.

Certification and Training: Mentors attend ongoing training, attend a 12-week Mending the Soul small group or equivelant, and read the “Princess Found” mentor book in addition to the above requirements.


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