Get Involved

I am an individual wanting to help

Ask yourself a basic question. What do I have to offer?
  • I can donate a few hygiene products.
  • I have some administrative skills.
  • I can sort, organize, or deliver donations.
  • I love to write.
  • I can donate a gift card for a victim.
  • I know how to sew.
  • I can work from home.
  • I have event planning experience.
Check Your Heart and Availability
  • Why do I want to get involved? 
  • Do I really care about this issue?
  • Can I work with others in a cooperative way?
  • Am I willing to work under someone else’s mission and values?
  • Will my family support me in this?
  • How much time can I spend helping?
  • What level of support will I have with my church?
Step 3

Explore the


Peruse the database of organizations working in anti-trafficking areas. They are grouped under basic functions.


Also, checkout the opportunities section, where Abolition Now posts updated needs and volunteer opportunities from local organizations.



Contact organizations that interest you most. The contact information is on their data sheet.



Let us know and we'd be happy to help you get involved!



I am a church or group looking for places to serve

Here are some additional suggestions:

  • Start a prayer group lifting up local organizations, churches, and all those enslaved.
  • Invite a speaker to your church. You can sign up here, and we'll contact you with more information.
  • Hold a clothing drive for CSEC (commercial sexual exploitation of children) victims
  • Commit to an organization in tithe and volunteering, view the Organizations section to find the right fit for your church.

Serving in the area of anti-trafficking can be risky and overwhelming.  We recommend groups do a great deal of research and connect with existing organizations in order to provide the most coordinated efforts.  There are many projects that need time, money and willing people.



I am an established organization wanting to connect with others


Are you an active organization in the NW involved in the fight against human trafficking? We would love to display your organization’s information, current needs and resources.

Apply Here


We have provided a database of organizations categorized by their primary function.  There you will find a data sheet and contact information in order to connect with a potential resource or partner.

View Organizations


If we can be of help to your search, let us know.