YES Walk to End Slavery 2015
Sep 02

YES Walk to End Slavery 2015

Celebrating three years of awareness and solidarity.

by Katy

The inaugural Walk to End Slavery began in 2012 as a rally and community gathering in downtown Portland. This first walk was organized in order to raise awareness about the prevalence of modern day slavery. Through informational signs, speakers, and other materials, the founding board of Youth Ending Slavery (YES) attempted to display the various forms of human trafficking in existence today - labor exploitation as well as sex trafficking - in one spotlight.

This Walk impacted attendees by forcing them to understand the complexities of this issue to be better equipped to fight against it. Now, three years later, YES and this Walk continue to bring that message to Portland and its citizens. 

Slavery is often misconstrued as a crime of the past, an atrocity that was outlawed a little over 50 years ago. However, human trafficking persists today in our world and even right here in Portland. We must do everything we can to combat it.

Want to join in making a difference? YES is hosting its 3rd annual Walk to End Slavery on Saturday, September 19, from 2 to 4 pm.  Join the YES board, their chapters, partners, and followers at Director’s Park in downtown Portland for an afternoon of solidarity. You will hear a short speaking seminar about the prevalence of human trafficking in our area. Then, you and other advocates walk together through the streets of downtown Portland to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking.

This event is organized by the YES Board of Directors, an entirely youth-led group dedicated to raising awareness about human trafficking. Its mission is to combat modern-day slavery by raising awareness and empowering youth to be advocates for change through speaking engagements, facilitating YES chapters, hosting fundraising events, and organizing awareness campaigns.

“We believe that educating youth about the existence of slavery is crucial,” says YES, “because the rising generation has the opportunity and responsibility to create a world in which unjust practices in the name of profit are not tolerated.”

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