Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequent questions, answered below:
  • What are the warning signs of sex trafficking?
  • If I know someone who has been trafficked, how can I find them help?
  • I want to do something to help fight sex trafficking. Can you help me get started?
  • How can men get involved in anti-trafficking efforts?
  • How can I get more educated about sex trafficking?
  • I am a student working on a paper/speech/project about sex trafficking. Can you help me?
  • Do you have any staff members that could come speak at a class or event?
  • We are in need of educational materials such as brochures, and pamphlets to hand out.  
  • Does Abolition Now have employment opportunities?
  • Do you have licensed counselors on staff?


Q: What are the warning signs of sex trafficking?

A: Great question. There are many common warning signs to look for, and most victims will show a combination of at least several. You can view the full list here

Q: If I know someone who has been trafficked, how can I find them help?

There are numerous options for survivors who truly want to get out of the life and on a new path. If you know that she is still in the life, there are ways to get her out safely-please call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888). If she is out of the life and is in need of services, there are many people waiting in the wings to help her get the help she needs (check out our local resource guide here). If the woman you know is in danger or is at a high level of trauma or suicide risk, then we would highly recommend seeing if she could be relocated to a treatment facility with a program equipped to deal with the high level of trauma care needed. Here in Portland, you can contact us for assistance with any of these options. 

Q: I want to do something to help fight sex trafficking. Can you help me get started?

A: Absolutely! If you haven't yet, check our our Get Involved page for some great ways to get started. Some other ideas we've seen be very successful are:

  • Get a team on board! Start something with your classmates, friends, Boy/Girl Scout Troop, Bible Study, mom's group, etc. We strong believe in the power of collaboration. 
  • Organize a showing of a human-trafficking focused documentary (see our Resource page for great suggestions). If possible, contact a local anti-trafficking organization to speak about what they do, and ask guests to donate money or needed items and their cost of admission.
  • Host a 5k race or other interactive fundraising event. Once again, include a local speaker such as a member of the anti-trafficking police force, sexual assault resource center, or non-profit agency.
  • Sign up for a Church Presentation to raise awareness and learn more about how ANY church can make a difference.
  • Ask non-profits or resource centers what their greatest needs are. Then come up with a creative way meet those needs.
  • Call your local Sexual Assault Resource Center or Law Enforcement. Come with no agenda and ask them what needs you could fill. Often, both need resource bags for victims and gift cards to purchase food and other items, but leave it up to them to tell you what they need.
  • Check out our facebook page or website to see the items we collect and give to the sex trafficking task force here in Portland.  We do resource drives to collect items and then give them to the agencies in need. This is a very easy and tangible but significant way to help.  The needs for victims are great.  We may not be able to be on the front lines of rescue, but we can support those who are.
  • Start a human trafficking-focused prayer group. We encourage you to meet at least monthly to cover specific organizations, needs, and our government agencies in prayer.
  • Choose an educational tool such as Chosen and ask your local schools, youth groups, Girl Scout troops, etc if you can host a short educational presentation about sex trafficking. See our Resource page for further suggestions. Prevention and awareness are key!
  • Join the Abolition Now team! Check out our Opportunities page or download the application here.

Remember, the most effective way to raise awareness and get people engaged is to make it personal through stories, testimonies, and local impact.

Q: How can men get involved in anti-trafficking efforts?

A: There are so many ways that men are needed in this work. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Model healthy relationships. This is probably the most important way you can help fight trafficking as a man. Be a good example of what it means to treat women with love and respect, and encourage those around you to do the same.
  • Circles of Support and Accountability: Walk through men on their journey to recovery with the goal of NO MORE VICTIMS. 
  • MENTOR! Young boys are looking for “father figures” and leaders who will show them what it means to be a man. You have a unique opportunity as men to speak into their lives and show them that real men don’t buy, objectify, or abuse women. The more we can end demand, the more we can stop the cycle!
  • Fight the New Drug. Speak out against porn and it’s place as “normal” in our society. Educate yourself on the harmful effects of porn, and it’s relationship to creating a demand for sex trafficking.
  • Join other men who are working to end human trafficking in some very creative ways:

Q: How can I get more educated about sex trafficking?

A: Learning accurate information about sex trafficking can be difficult to do online. Not only are situations changing very rapidly, but accurate numbers and statistics are difficult to confirm because victims don’t self identify.

You CAN still become educated and aware, however, Check out our Resource page and these other great tools to get started:

We would also encourage you to reach out to those in your community who are currently “on the front lines” of anti-trafficking work. This could be your local police force, Sexual Assault Resource Center, or Department of Human Services. They know what is really going on day-to-day and can let you know how you can step in and make a difference.

Q: I am a student working on a paper/speech/project about sex trafficking. Can you help me?

A: We would love to help in whatever way we can! We are passionate about seeing students step up and take action against trafficking in any way, whether big or small. However, we want to emphasize that we are an organization based out of Portland, Oregon, and therefore our only sphere of knowledge and experience lies primarily within the Pacific Northwest.

 To get you started, take a look at our Student Project Resource List. If you'd like to choose a research topic or other project from the list, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can also check out our Resource page and Organizations Database to learn about who’s doing what, and reach out to those organizations that seem to best fit for your topic. One word of advice: put in the time and effort to get first-hand information and research, rather than relying on news artilcles and internet statistics--this is a fast-moving industry and information can quickly become outdated. 

Q: Do you have any staff members that could come speak at a class or event?

A: Currently we are putting together a team specifically trained to conduct church presentations, and this information can also be adapted to fit the needs of classes, chapel services, or club/other group meetings. We are passionate about training others to be informed and involved, especially students! Please contact us if you are located within or near the Portland-Metro area and are interested in a church or school presentation.  For other events, we can also recommend other organizations that may fit your needs.

Q: We are in need of educational materials such as brochures, and pamphlets to hand out.

A: Most of our flyers and brochures are specific to our work at Abolition Now. We would be happy to send some your way. We also have a lot of great information about sex trafficking on our Resources page that you are welcome to check out, and Church Resource Booklets now available. We are happy to share what we do have and recommend what we have been using for videos and other resources.

Q: Does Abolition Now have employment opportunities?

A: Our mission is to unite and mobilize the Church to serve. Serving others honors the Lord and brings great joy and fulfillment.  We love to provide opportunities for serving the most vulnerable, who are near and dear to God’s heart. Abolition Now has over 100 volunteers, which means the funds raised by our Adorned in Grace Bridal Shop and other donations can be used to meet the needs of survivors or given to other organizations who have proven themselves effective in serving the sexually exploited. Abolition Now currently only has two part time employees, but as we grow and add structure, we envision a need for more staffing.

Q: Do you have licensed counselors on staff?

A: We do not have any paid staff counselors.  All of our Hands of Hope mentors are volunteers and go through required training to work with the sexually exploited or at risk youth.  Our role as a mentor is to walk alongside survivors by being their advocate, praying for them, and providing other support as needed.  We connect survivors to professional services such as counselors to begin their healing process.